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Your pets are special! 

Why not give them customized care?

Compounded meds are not just for humans – animals are also benefiting from customized medications. Veterinarians and pet owners are increasingly turning to compounding pharmacists to create customized medications for animals. Pet owners know all too well that administering medication to their dog or cat can be a difficult task.  Here are some of the ways in which veterinary compounding can be beneficial:

  • Easy to Swallow Pet Medication
    Pets, just like humans, often dislike taking medications. By working closely with your veterinarian, a compounding pharmacist will create a compounded medication in an easy-to-give treat. Examples of flavoring include savory chicken or beef to appeal to dogs, or tuna to appeal to cats.  Another popular solution includes compounding pet meds from a pill form into a liquid drop – which makes it easier for pets to swallow, and easier for the owner to administer.
  • Customized Medication Strength for Pets
    Every animal has their own unique healthcare needs. Since animals come in a variety of sizes, they usually require a customized medication designed for their body. Working closely with your veterinarian, a compounding pharmacist will compound meds with specific strengths that suit your pet’s needs.
  • What to do if your pet’s medication is not available?
    Animals often suffer from many of the same health conditions as people. This also means that your pet’s prescribed medication may be unavailable at certain times. Working alongside your veterinarian, a compounding pharmacist can compound a formula that would otherwise be commercially unavailable or discontinued from the manufacturer.

  • Your pets medication can also be put into an ointment, solution or cream form to be applied to your pet for absorption. The site of application will be shown to you when you pick up your pets medication.