Pain Management

Wouldn't it be great to be more active and able to enjoy your time with the people you love? If you have pain caused by arthritis, an injury or other medical conditions you can get relief and have a better life. A lot of pain medicines can have dangerous side effects including addiction. The risk of these side effects increases if the pain occurs over a long period of time.

Custom Pharmacy cares about your long term health. We can custom formulate a pain medicine that you can apply directly to the site of your pain and get fast relief with little to no side effects.

Tell your doctor what type of pain you are having by answering these few questions about your pain and he can prescribe fast, long term relief.

  • Where is your pain? (Be specific with your doctor about where you feel pain.)
  • How often do you hurt? (Tell your doctor if your pain is associated with a specific activity or certain times of the day or is random or constant.)
  • What type of pain do you feel? (Describe the way your pain feels, whether it is a sharp needle type pain with tingling and numbness or throbbing or like a sharp knife. Also tell your doctor about any other symptoms associated with your pain)

With this information your doctor can prescribe a cream that you can apply directly to the pain that will give you relief and allow you to live the life you want.