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Welcome to the Patient Center

We are excited to share with you some new options for applying your topical creams. 

Last year we introduced the Topi-Click applicator as a more convenient way to dispense your topical creams. However, these were limited to larger cream volumes and we still relied on smaller syringes to dispense our more concentrated creams such as estrogen and testosterone. That is until now! 

The New Ticker applicator is designed to dispense 0.05cc per/click. This allows for more precise dose adjustments. If you are use to applying 0.2cc/dose with the syringe you would now use 4 clicks to dispense the same 0.2cc.

We also have a new Topi-Click Pearl applicator that comes with a snap on vaginal applicator for more ease of use than the traditional tube. 

For more information on how to use each device click on the applicator to the left or ask the pharmacy for a demonstration!