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You go to the doctor once a year... but sometimes you want to know if your hard work is paying off along the way. With Ulta Lab Tests now you can! Browse our site and select from 1000's of lab test many of which start at just $12.95.

  • check your levels when it is convenient for you
  • track your progress on your healthcare dashboard
  • feel good that you are taking charge of your health

Get Started Today ­- It's Simple and Confidential -­ No Prescription Needed

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Order your Lab Test or Wellness Package

Either you or your pharmacist can select & order lab tests at Custom Pharmacy's Lab Website (This does not require a prescription.) From this portal, you can review over 1,000 labs available at discounted rates up to 80% off.

Once you have selected your labs, you will receive an automated confirmation email receipt that you can print and take to a nearby lab where your blood or specimen can be collected.

Order Labs

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Get Lab Tests at one of 2,500 Patient Service Centers

Not only is the service affordable, it's convenient -- with more than 2,500 Patient Service Centers (PSCs) across the United States.*

Take your automated confirmation email receipt with you to the PSC to have your blood drawn (specimen collected).

The PSC Requisition is required. It contains the list of the lab tests to be performed and instructions for you to follow.

Locate Nearby Lab

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Review and Track your Lab Results Online

Your lab results will be available and archived in your account on a private dashboard at the Custom Pharmacy's Lab Website within a few business days.

From here, you can review and track your results in a private and secure manner. You can also download these records to share them with your physician and pharmacist.

Review Results