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Menopause not only affects you, it affects the ones you love too!

Learn how restoring your hormones can help with everything from hot flashes, night sweats, memory, brain fog, stress, low libido and much more!

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Are you interested in Bio-Identical Hormones and learning how maintaining optimal hormone levels can keep you feeling and looking great as well as prevent diseases.

Are you currently on Hormone therapy but wonder what your other options are? Have you had a complete or partial Hysterectomy and are wondering what is really going on with your body? Have little annoyances started driving you crazy? We will explain how hormones play a role in every aspect of your life.

What to Expect at the Class

Our Hormone Class is designed to educate you on the big picture of Hormone Health. We will cover the differences in synthetic vs. Bio- Identical Hormone therapy, the truth and myths of hormone therapy and how it relates to cancer rates, as well as the signs and symptoms of hormone deficiencies/excess of the three main hormone groups Progesterone, Estrogen and Testosterone. We will go over the different routes of administration for hormone therapy and how to know which one is right for you. Also we will discuss Vitamin and Nutritional support that goes hand in hand with maintaining optimal hormonal health. You will receive a folder of information that coincides with our presentation as well as several Hormone questionnaires.

After the class if you feel that hormone therapy is right for you and would like to get started there are two ways to go about this next step. All of our compounded hormones require a prescription from your doctor. The information we will go over is to help you better understand what is going on so that you know how to talk to your physician and can better discuss with them what hormone prescriptions are right for you. You may also set up a personal consultation with one of our pharmacists, Eric Holgate, in which he will discuss with you your specific symptoms and which hormone therapies will be most beneficial. Following the consultation, we will fax your physician a summary of the consultation and our suggestions for therapy. If your provider approves, he/she will prescribe the hormone therapy.

Come learn how hormones play a major role in your well being. Hormone levels drop as we age so doesn't it make sense to replace them with the exact compound your body used to produce?

We can help figure out the right balance for you!