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Health and Wellness

Many people today would rather find natural alternatives to drugs for heart disease, digestive problems, insomnia, pain relief, eye disease, diabetes, arthritis, prostate problems, osteoporosis, colds and flu, and much more… Or we don’t get all the nutrition we need for optimal health from the foods we eat, and a multi-vitamin is often not enough to fill the void. The challenge is almost always - where to start? 

With the vast array of vitamins and supplements on the market it can be confusing to know what is right for you. 

Come visit us today! Our staff will be happy to assist you in finding the right vitamins to optimize your health.

Are you interested in a more personalized vitamin and nutrition plan? We offer private nutritional consultations at both of our locations for your convenience. Call 706-737-6323 to set up a consultation with Dr. Jamison Holgate, PharmD, MBA. 

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