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        Essential Oils can play an integral role in your health and well-being.  We can all remember an aroma that takes us back to a specific place and time that uplifts our spirits and makes everything feel more at ease. That is the magic of aromatherapy.  Did your teacher ever give you a peppermint during a test to improve your mental alertness, or have you ever had a steam bowl of Eucalyptus for congested sinuses? Maybe you put lavender in your little ones bath water, or your own, to soothe and calm them down for bedtime. These are all ways that we use essential oils everyday. 
         Essential oils can be powerful antioxidants, stress relievers and mood enhancers just to name a few. It is important to remember that they should only play a part in your healthcare along with a healthy lifestyle. While they may help prevent illness and relieve tired and stressed minds and bodies; they are not intended to replace or treat any condition your doctor has prescribed medication for. Always talk with your healthcare provider before adding Essential Oils into your healthcare regimen.  Together we can find the right balance you are looking for. 
           Custom Pharmacy caries the doTERRA line of essential oils. Our staff would be glad to help you choose the right oil for you. We may highlight specific oils to help relieve different ailments but these are only to be used in conjunction with your healthcare regimen and after discussing any current medications and conditions with your healthcare provider.